Innovative business ideas for 2015

Family friendly applications
Children are your future customers and win their loyalty now is not a bad idea. In its 10th annual report Trends, Future 100 who see small and large trends Highlights this year, leads JWT Intelligence connectivity children as a major trend for the 2015th year.

According to Common Sense Media, three quarters of children have access to a mobile device. These spells can create an excellent business opportunity for new products and design applications for children. And if they happen to be teaching or promoting health, you gain their parents, too.

You can start small by designing a few kid-friendly applications and see where your business comes from there.

Trainer software
If you are knowledgeable in a highly specialized software, you can get paid to share your knowledge to amateurs and professionals to develop their skills. Technical manuals are for programs such as QuickBooks and Final Cut Pro are available, but they are often expensive and difficult for the average user to get through. Planning workshops in small groups or individual sessions and charge by the hour for complete instructions of the program. The best thing about this scene is that it be done part-time.

Health Tips
Underfunded with health care organizations from government, and non-compliance with the population health needs to meet the private health care industry will continue to grow … and change. As an independent health consultant, you can manage and analyze data for organizations such as hospitals, laboratories and offices to help provide therapists to implement solutions to improve the efficiency and / or save money. It’s a great chance as marketing or economics degree commissioned.

Food Truck
Food is a basic need and people who eat regardless of the state of the economy. A truck is investing a lot cheaper than a brick-and-mortar restaurant. With the right equipment and some recipes that you can use your mobile restaurant and in no time.

Companies are increasingly filled freelance and contract workers, skills gaps in their employees. It is not hard to imagine that you can build an entire business around providing services outside of one sort or another. After who performed more than one million free projects on their website, which are the most sought after professional services: data entry, scientific writing, Excel projects, data processing, web research and employment based on Facebook. Hourly rates start at $ 30 per hour and stretch into the hundreds.

Mobile recommendations
It has been said before, but it’s worth repeating: Mobile is now a non-negotiable for almost all companies. To find ways to go mobile is a challenge for many entrepreneurs. If your business can affordable mobile solutions for companies that need to find a rich mobile consulting business opportunity.

With the majority of the population owns smart mobile devices (cell phones, smart carpet, etc.) have been most companies that they need to connect with their prospects and customers through mobile. So companies need help in setting up and maintaining their mobile presence.

There is no denying the global market grows and reaches across national and continental borders. We have seen a growing presence of Chinese and other nationalities in Zimbabwe. That will grow even further than the Russian and Chinese giant projects launched in the coming months. The recruitment of interpreters and translators will grow significantly. This provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, foreign language may have trouble with the companies.